Beverage Industry and its use for Potable Water

Beverage Industry

The beverage industry produces ready to drink beverages. Beverages come in various forms of alcohol content, packaging, hot or cold, and natural or conventional. Some of the biggest beverage industries are located in the United States. Many big name companies purchase smaller companies in order to expand their business. Sales can be seasonal, and consumer preferences drive the market. Health reasons also can control the market. Health concerns, like heart disease, diabetes, and obesity change the market.water-beverage-industry-16

Alcoholic drinks such as beer and wines vary as well.  Large brewing companies are developing their brands, while smaller brewers are paying attention to quality, and details.  As alcohol consumption increases globally, the market expands internationally. Countries that may have had trouble producing a profit can now use alcohol as a way to secure money.


The process of creating drinks varies from subsection to subsection. Juice production is different from bottled water, which differs from wine, to beer. Below is a basic way of how some beverages are created.potablewater-beverage-industry-14